VKey2f Chromakey Plug-in

an Advanced Vector Keyer for DV/HDV and Beyond!
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About the Vector Keyer

The VKey2f product has reached end of life. No new development will be done. Please see the blog for details. We will continue to offer and support the VKey2 product until we no longer have a FCP 6/7 installation to provide support.

Release 2 of VKey2f is now available. Version 2 has many improvements and an advance spill suppression system that works with blue and red, as well as green. Please check the VKey2 Blog for details. Previous customers who purchased earlier versions of our VKey2 product may upgrade for $34.95.

Vkey2 is the Quicktime component, and VKey2f is the FxPlug plug-in that requires Final Cut Pro version 5.1.2 or higher or Final Cut Express version 4 or higher. VKey2f was so named because it does all of it’s internal computations in 32-bit floating point, for improved accuracy.

VKey2f V2 Advanced Tutorial from Douglas Toltzman on Vimeo.

The current product version is 2.01 (FxPlug Plug-in). We have tested VKey2f on Final Cut Pro 6.0.6 (FCS2) on Leopard (Intel iMac) and on a G5 (PPC) with OS X Tiger. We also have reliable reports that VKey2f works with Snow Leopard and FCP 7. If you encounter any problems, please report them to us. If you are not sure about whether your system configuration will work, simply download and test the demo version. The demo version works exactly like the product version. If the demo plug-in works for you, the product will also work.

A vector keyer is different from a legacy chroma-keyer in that it is not affected as much by shadows, and it generates a feathered key that preserves fine detail that would be lost with a traditional chromakeyer, which produces more of a cut-out look.

The original VKey tool was developed with the following goals:
  • produce high quality results from miniDV (NTSC or PAL) video, with support for other formats also
  • simple but powerful controls, for easy setup
  • built in green suppression
  • affordable for hobbyists and professionals alike

You can purchase our VKey2f FxPlug (advanced vector keyer) through RegNow (see link below), or you can download a free evaluation version and evaluate it for yourself. We're pretty sure you'll like what you see.

Send inquiries to sales@oakstreetsoftware.com, or call (910) 526-5938.

Available from Toolfarm.com